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Honeywell is a leading global supplier of products and services for:

* Aerospace

* Automation & Control Solutions

* Speccialty Materials

* Transportation Systems

- S-E-G ( Söderholm - Engström - Gustavsson) was founded in 1953

- S-E-G is one of few companies in the world specialising in industrial weighing

- Over 60 weighing patent since start

- Design and manufacturing in Sweden

- Our products can be found in virtually every type of manufacturing operation such as:

* Cement industry        * Sand & Gravel

* Mining industry          * Animal food

* Power plants             * Building materials

* Steel & Metal            * Environment technology

* Food & Beverage       * Chemical industry

 Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical company limited (BSR) - Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam

BSR has a total investment of over $ 3 billion, the processing capacity of 6.5 million tons of crude oil / year.

The main products include: Propylene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrol RON92, RON A95, kerosene / jet fuel Jet A1, automotive diesel oil, fuel oil (FO), polypropylene.




Founded in 1959. As the first state-owned enterprises of Vietnam knitting industry, with complete production line of textile, fabric finishing, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery ... with European equipment and technology Japanese manufacturers.

Bioptik technology Inc.

Main export products: blood glucose monitoring system, blood glucose/ uric acid dual-function  monitoring system, blood glucose/ cholesterol dual-function  monitoring system, blood glucose/ cholesterol / uric acid multi-function  monitoring system.

 LifeMax is dedicated to the supply of products suitable for the over fifty-age group. Our products are developed to bring enjoyment, entertainment and assistance to a generation used to rapid change and innovation.

Many of our products combine electronics, innovation and technology in a user-friendly way for this new generation of older people to enjoy.


1. Weight belt feeder

2. Belt weighers

4. Solid mass flow metter

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