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          The important objective in business of AITIC is to provide the best support to the customers. We always looking forward to receive requests from customers and will try to meet the requirements of the customers. Depending on individual sectors and specific projects, AITIC have hotlines for customers and contacts 24/7 to receive detailed feedback from customers.


   AITIC Projest:            Tel: 04-35665294        Fax: 04-35665295



   AITIC Businesses:     Tel: 04-35665294         Fax: 04-35665295



   AITIC Helthcare:        Tel: 04-66567379        Fax: 04- 62783923



Customers cover:

AITIC Provide products, utility solutions and services for customers in many different fields.
Equipment technology, technical system in textiles industrial, building materials, steel production, power, chemicals and construction. In which, AITIC undertook from consulting technology solutions to buying, installation and opration. By applying the equipment of famous firms in the world, AITIC provide services to upgrade and renovate the outdated equipment systems, provide warranty service, maintenance.

          High-tech equipment used in Goverment main point laboratories program in the fields of Information Technology, Automation, Precision Mechanics, new materials, research - assessment and environmental protection.

          The device application of modern electronic technology to serve the essential needs of human health.





1. Weight belt feeder

2. Belt weighers

4. Solid mass flow metter

Viet Nam AITIC joint-stock company .
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